What attendees said about our other international user conferences

If you are in any way involved with collections management then hearing from other institutions about how they are using the products (likely in ways you are not) is absolutely fascinating and really informative. I wold certainly recommend it.

Seeing what others were doing in terms of collections management was great. it has once again reminded me of what we could/should be doing with our own collections if only we had the time and resources to dedicate to it.

Andrew Westerman, Bath Record Office

The conference has progressed to the point of being a tech conference and is a great place to find out where things are going and what is happening in a way that can be taken away.

John Peel, Manchester Art Gallery

Really useful, great way to connect with other users and learn more about what is possible with your products.

Amy Adams, National Museum of the Royal Navy

It’s a great opportunity to learn about new developments and ideal for Networking which in turn helps you gather information and find out how others are working.

Stephen Cook, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Great networking opportunities. A chance to troubleshoot issues with other experts. Get the latest news. Gently bend the supplier’s ear about issues/requests. Find out what other people are doing that might be useful for our site one day…..

Sharing what I know with others and vice versa – great to be able to leave with a solution to a problem or send someone off with a solution to theirs…

Carole Sparke, University of Birmingham

Not only do you get to hear what will be coming, you also get to see what others have been up to and to meet up with inspiring colleagues from other museums, archives and libraries.

Malcolm Chapman, The Hunterian

Definitely go; the format is more flexible than it appears on the agenda so you can switch between sessions on different products. Keep a notepad close by to remember names!

Mark Crawford, Science Museum Group

An informative event with great networking opportunities

Ian Crawford, Imperial War Museums

Very useful and great opportunity to meet Collections Management people from other museums. A chance to meet and talk to other Documentation/Collections Management people.

Axiell User conference is the only event focused on Collections Management system.

Misaho Washizu, Birmingham Museums Trust

Anyone involved in managing an Axiell collections database should go to this – not to be missed. Getting the chance to consider strategic and practical approaches outside our little bubble!

Sheila Perry, National Galleries of Scotland

Definitely attend. Very useful conference and delegate friendly. Great for discussions with like-minded people and sharing knowledge and experiences.

Pam Babes, National Museums Scotland

It’s an excellent way to find out what’s happening in our sector, to share experiences and to find potential solutions.

Lucinda Willis, Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

I would recommend it as part of professional development, networking & problem solving. ..also fun!

Mark Pajak, Bristol Culture

It is a great resource for learning about what is on the horizon for the software packages, hearing about how others are using the same programs to tackle similar issues as we are, and idea swapping with everyone.

The opportunity to speak with both the designers and other users of the software to help share knowledge about ways to use it. I learned so many tips and tricks that could be integrated into how we use the system.

Dan Hudachek, Beamish Museum

It is well worth it, both for the content of the talks and for the networking opportunities.

Sylviane Vaucheret, National Museums of Ireland

Recommended; both for the formal presentations and also for the networking opportunities between them.

Christopher Hilton, Wellcome Library